The Gurn Killers: The Final Finalists for the Finals

This is sort of breaking news, so please excuse your Blogmaster’s lack of what we in the business call “facts.”

Last night at the Eastern Regionals at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City, a ton of awesome and deserving plastic rockers competed for the fourth and last spot in the finals.

The winners were, by one teensy point, The Gurn Killers! We’ve followed the boys from New York City through their wins at the local levels and they’ve been rocking it since the beginning. Their closest rivals, both literally and figuratively, were Strippers for Stephen Hawking, but all the regional bands deserve a standing \m/ for all their showmanship and awesomeness.

The Gurn Killers have been reached for comment, and they assure me that they have a solid plan for victory tomorrow that requires concentration, dedication, and preparation.

Okay, seriously now. If you are vacillating on whether you should come to the finals TONIGHT at the Showboat in Atlantic City, then please allow this Blogmaster to make the decision for you: DO IT. It’s going to be a huge party featuring the best Rock Banders in the country (who are over 21. Sorry, 11-year-old little brother!).

Again, the bands that will be competing are:

The Gurn Killers
Wet Nelson and the Hot Commodities
Ninjas in Disguise

Only one of these bands will will the $10,000 grand prize and the chance of a lifetime to open for the B-52’s at the House of Blues. Good luck to everyone, and rock it!


4 Responses to “The Gurn Killers: The Final Finalists for the Finals”

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  3. Deborah MacKinnon Says:

    rock on Luca congratualtions

  4. Deborah MacKinnon Says:

    Rock on Luca Conratulations

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