The End of the ROCKIN’ Road

This is your Blogmaster, live-updating from the beautiful Showboat in AC where the Gurn Killers have won the Total Rock finals! There was some amazing performances and it was so, so close. By just 3 points, the boys from NYC have won $10,000 and they’ll open for the legendary B-52’s tomorrow night.

Honestly, your Blogmaster’s head is spinning from all the excitement. More pics and vids will be forthcoming. But for now, congrats to all the bands! It was a fantastic night. Thanks to MTV’s Sway who just asked who I’m texting. Keep rocking everyone!


2 Responses to “The End of the ROCKIN’ Road”

  1. Ryan Heckman Says:

    It was great meeting you upstairs after the show! BTW, I’m still waiting to get the cig you “borrowed” back…


    • totalrock Says:

      Sorry about that, Ryan, but when one is giving oneself over to the complete rock and roll experience, one sometimes needs to gank a menthol.

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