The Finalists from the South

Sorry for the delay, guys, but now your Blogmaster can finally share the good news: the third band that will be headed to the finals is Wet Nelson and the Hot Commodities! They won at Harrah’s New Orleans in an incredible competition.

The Guys Hanging with MTV's Sway

The Guys Hanging with MTV's Sway

You might remember Wet Nelson and the Hot Commodities from an earlier profile following their win at Harrah’s Metropolis. But the Southern Regionals was no cakewalk. In fact, it may have been the most hardcore showcase of Rock Band prowess ever in the world.

The facts, as they have been relayed to your Blogmaster by witnesses, are these. WN&THC (as I have just termed them) rocked round one with “Down with the Sickness” for 913,890, 24 style points, and 26 performance points. A clear winner there. For round 2, however, they didn’t do so hot with Stone Temple Pilots’ “Vaseline” but they felt they’d given a good show. Wet Nelson et. al. waited for the judges’ decision, for their fate was truly in the hands of the style and performance scores.

And then. A near mathematical impossibility: a tie was declared between Wet Nelson and Clutch Bananas. As per the judges’ decision, a guitar-off was held.

If you’ve never seen one of those teen movies from the 1980s where everything comes down to one guy and a guitar, then man, you should have been in New Orleans. Because it totally happened for real.

Chris Smith from Clutch Bananas went up against Stephen Ragsdale from Wet Nelson. They both played the guitar portion of “Ramblin’ Man.” The tiebreaker results: 54,891 to 119,448. Ragsdale won it for the Nelsons.

To give credit where credit is due, the Southern Regionals were a fantastic competition with some of the best plastic bands in the world. Clutch Bananas were an amazing act, and as your Blogmaster has said before, every band is awesome. But there has to be a last man standing in the end.

Most Airlines Will Not Accept a Giant Ticket These Days

Most Airlines Will Not Accept a Giant Ticket These Days

Guitarist Stephen agrees re: everyone’s rockability. “We want to say thanks to the other bands in New Orleans. The sportsmanship and professionalism of all involved was top notch,” he says.

When asked what the game plan is for Atlantic City, he adds, “Focus on correcting some of the things the judges criticized us for in style to hopefully boost our points there, and to pick a 2nd round choice that will net us more overall points than we did the first time around. We had two pretty solid performances, but this time it’s for all the marbles and we are choosing a song with more score potential (not Ballroom Blitz, and we challenge all other bands to choose something else as well!)”

There ya go, other Finals Bands. You’ve been challenged.

Seriously, folks, if you want to see some of the best Rock Band playing this side of Impossible, you have got to come down to Atlantic City this Friday, May 8. And heck, may as well stay for the B-52’s on May 9, when the best Rock Band band in the world will open their concert. See you there.

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