Strippers for Stephen Hawking: Winners from Bally’s

Here’s another great plastic rock band that’s going to be heading to the Eastern Regionals at Harrah’s Resort on May 7: Strippers for Stephen Hawking! Don’t let the slightly disturbing name fool you; these rockers mean serious business.

Pictures courtesy of SaikoSakura on Twitter.

Pictures courtesy of SaikoSakura on Twitter.

S4SH (an acronym I just made up for them) is composed of Laura Clementz née Ramkissoon on vocals, Ryan Clementz on guitar, Christopher Julio on bass, and Jovanni Fernandez on drums. The foursome are also patrons of NYC’s Almost Famous Tuesdays at the Village Pourhouse, just like the Gurn Killers. Will they show their friends any mercy at the regionals? Man, let’s hope not! This is a competition!

As some savvy readers might have already guessed, Laura and Ryan are an item, and guys, he proposed VIA ROCK BAND. That is seriously the most adorable thing your Blogmaster has ever seen. Rock Band: bringing people together.

Back to unsentimental competitive statistics! Strippers for Stephen Hawking won at Bally’s by playing Disturbed’s “Down with the Sickness” which is rapidly catching up to “Give It Away” as the preferred high-scoring song. If you have any doubts as to S4SH’s skills, you can check out bassist Chris’s YouTube videos. He definitely rocks “Sickness.” But they still bring the fun when they compete. When asked what their strategy would be going forward, they replied: “We wing it! :P” They came out with a score of over 2.5 million.

The maddening results of winging it.

The maddening results of winging it.

😛 indeed.

Strippers for Stephen Hawking will be at Harrah’s Resort, May 7 for the Eastern Regionals, and so should you. Honestly, all the cool kids are going to be there, so save the date.

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