Ninjas in Disguise: the Finalists from the Midwest

In our younger, more innocent days (namely, last week), we knew only of one band that was certainly heading to the Total Rock Finals on May 8 in Atlantic City: FA/KE from the Western Regionals. Now, however, we know of a second band that will bring the rock to the finals.

It is your Blogmaster’s distinct pleasure to inform you that Ninjas in Disguise have won the Central Regionals at Horseshoe Hammond!

Bringing the Rock to Hammond

Bringing the Rock to Hammond

Your blogmaster didn’t have a chance to profile N.I.D. (Erik Schwenke on vocals, Rudy Scoggins on bass, Ryan Heckman on guitar, and Ben Schwenke on drums) prior to the regionals, but here’s the Cliff’s Notes on how they made it this far: the band killed at Harrah’s St. Louis with “Ramblin’ Man.”

Ninjas in Disguise then went on to win the Midwest crown at Hammond by playing Disturbed’s “Down with the Sickness” for around 1.3 million points. Here they are being presented with a boatload of prizes by MTV’s Sway Calloway.

Victory. They has it.

Victory. They has it.

So what’s going to motivate them to rock the finals? “After our Regional battle in Hammond, most of the bands got together back at the hotel for an after party. These people were some of the coolest adult Rock Band players we’ve been able to talk with and play with,” guitarist Ryan says. “These bands requested that we never stop for a moment – to take the finals, and we attend on honoring that request.” Spoken like a true student of the ninja arts. Your Blogmaster hopes they represent the Midwest well!

There are only two other slots open in the finals now that the Western and Midwestern Regionals are over: the Southern Regionals will be taking place on April 30 at Harrah’s New Orleans, and the Eastern Regionals will be on May 7 at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City. If you want to cheer on N.I.D. you can go check out their Facebook page.

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